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Engagement & Facilitation - Any Duration

Question. Listen. Discover. Plan. Decide. Action. Online or In Person.

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  • Online or In Person

Deskripsi Layanan

Whether at board, team, consumer or community level I'll bring your people together to explore, communicate and collaborate in a respectful, equitable, efficient and rewarding fashion. No more meetings dominated by one voice, or going nowhere, and no more wishy-washy 'insights' from stakeholders. I create a safe, rigorous and participatory (virtual or in-person) environment fostering empathy and using tools to support all types of communication. My proprietary process brings the context research in beforehand to set an informed, objective scene and then is structured to deep dive into subjective experience, whilst remaining focused on progressing the heart of the matter - getting things done. Can't find a time that suits you? Contact us directly by filling in the form below.

Kebijakan Pembatalan

To cancel or reschedule please contact at least 24hrs in advance. If you cancel at least 24hrs in advance of your booking time, we will provide a 50% refund on any booking fees you've paid for that session. If you cancel within 24hrs of the booking time, no refunds on any booking fees will be provided to you, but we will offer you the opportunity to reschedule your session. In the rare instance that we have to reschedule your booking due to illness or emergency, we will contact you to find the most convenient alternative time or offer you a full refund of any booking fees paid, in advance, for that session.

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